Thursday, 22 January 2015

Class Decoration Discussion Notes

  • If you'd like to have anything colour printed but you don't have a colour printer, feel free to comment/whatsapp/facebook private message either Cornelius or me for free printing services (only for class deco purposes)
  • Everybody will get homework pockets to be placed on the noticeboard at the back of class. So if anyone is absent, your homework will be placed there. 
  •  To all subject reps, please do decorations for your subjects for the noticeboard at the back of class.
  • Please do choose and send to Cornelius, me or post in the whatsapp/facebook group a personal emoji.
  • For the two notice boards in front, here are the people in charge: Jacqueline (noticeboard near teachers table) and Ravern (noticeboard near visualizer)
  • Please bring the stuff you want to put on the wall/anywhere else by Monday
  • One suggestion also is personalised lockers: we can do periodic table (eg corn becomes co) or we can do special cards for lockers to be pasted on the lockers.
Thanks for participating in the discussion.

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